The host is responsible for ensuring that the workshop is accessible to all participants.
For self-organized workshops, the lead instructor is often also the host.

Be sure that:

  • Your registration form asks learners if they need any advance arrangements (e.g. sign-language interpreters, large-print handouts, lactation facilities)
  • You ask co-instructors and helpers if they need any advance arrangements
  • You send out links to workshop materials in advance so that learners can adapt them if needed
  • The building and room are accessible to those who cannot use stairs
  • Elevators are available throughout the scheduled time for your workshop
  • There are accessible restrooms nearby
  • The room can accommodate service animals
  • There is a microphone for instructors
  • The projector screen is large enough to be easily read

If learners, instructors, or helpers indicate that advance arrangements are needed, the host needs to follow-up on this to make sure things are ready. The host institution may have a “Disability Services Office” that can help with physical arrangements.