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The Carpentries' In-Person Staff Meeting
Introducing Elizabeth Williams and Karen Word
Genomics Bug BBQ
Working to update the Genomics lessons
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Dyslexia and Coding
What we can do in workshops to help people with dyslexia
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Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2017 September meeting
This post will cover the topics discussed and their resolutions.
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Introducing SherAaron Hurt
Joint future for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
New Trainers On Board
Genomics Issue Bonanza Starts Soon!
Upcoming Publication of Genomics Materials
Assessment › Reflections on Assessment
Data Carpentry launches Skills-Based Pre- and Post-Workshop Surveys
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Motions approved for Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Merger
Work Cycle Phobos Wraps Up
Here's what we accomplished
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The Data Carpentry journey to University of Venda, South Africa
Ecology workshop and study group
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Bringing Data Carpentry to Florida State University
Bug BBQ to Update Instructor Training Materials
Two days of bug squashing coming up!
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Help Update the Instructor Training Materials
We’re releasing a new version of the Carpentry Instructor Training curriculum - learn how you can help!
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Meet the Folks
Use our meetups page to find Carpenters at conferences
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The Magic of Minute Cards
Formative assessment for instructors!
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Job Posting: Workshop Administrator
Timeline for the the Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Reorganization
Genomics Interest
Announcing Belinda Weaver as our Community Development Lead
Please welcome her to our staff!
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Instructor Access to Workshops
Working with hosts and instructors on workshop access
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Projects for Cycle Phobos
Apply to Become a Carpentry Instructor Trainer!
Cycle Deimos wrapup
“Here’s what we accomplished.”
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Data Carpentry Genomics comes to the Netherlands
The Netherlands eScience Center in collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht, SURFsara and DTL/ELIXIR-NL organized one of the first Data Carpentry Genomics workshops in Europe.
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Call for Contributions: Moving Ahead with Genomics Data Carpentry
“Get involved as we prepare for our first Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ on the Data Carpentry Genomics lessons”
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First Data Carpentry Lesson Publication
“Hundreds of contributors to the Ecology lessons first official release”
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Instructor Training in Puerto Rico
“Building community through training and coding”
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Bug BBQ squashes bugs!
“Over 75 pull requests from the Issue Bonanza and Bug BBQ”
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Data Carpentry supports I4OC
Promoting the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data
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Be a part of Data Carpentry’s first lesson release!
We’re planning our first lesson release - learn how you can contribute!
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Projects for Cycle Deimos
Assessment › Long-Term Assessment Strategy
With the help of our community we added skills-based questions to our surveys!
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Our first work cycle, Prometheus
“Here’s what we accomplished.”
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Get Involved With Mentoring
Meet other instructors and help the community grow.
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Updates from the Data Carpentry Steering Committee annual in-person meeting
A brief review of the past year and plans for the year ahead
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Ecology Issue Bonanza!!!
We’re planning our first lesson release - learn how you can contribute!
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Building Community › A Year to Build a Software and Data Carpentry Community at the University of Florida - The Impact of a Local Instructor Training Workshop on Building Computing Capacity
Community › Run a workshop this Spring!
Attend our new ‘Run a Workshop!’ office hours.
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Reproducible Data-Driven Discovery
Report back from the Curriculum Development Hackathon for Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks and the Moore Foundation Early Career Researcher Symposium
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Community › Carpentries Career Pathways Panel - Marianne Corvellec, Bernhard Konrad, Aleksandra Pawlik
Job Opportunity: Community Development Lead
How we’re getting things done
Science of Learning › Transfer of Learning
“How to navigate the inevitably awkward.”
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Community › Standing for Inclusivity: a Foundation for Our Teaching and Community
Instructor Training › Moving Forward
Best recipe - just add statistics and science
Building Community › The Community of Carpentry Enthusiasts at the University of Wisconsin
Why we teach what we teach › The SQL Ecology Lessons
Partnerships › South Africa's North-West University Becomes Software and Data Carpentry’s first African Partner
Community › Carpentries Career Pathways Panel: Raniere Silva, Geneviève Smith, Tiffany Timbers
Data in the Field › Soft(ware) Skills
Community › Career Pathways Panel Discussions
Data in the Field › How I Developed a Workflow for Success in Graduate School
Community › Join our new Mentorship Program!
Gratitude › Congratulations to Greg on his new position!
Thanks for all his amazing and inspirational work
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Science of Learning › Growth Mindset
“No matter how hard I practice I’ll never be able to dunk a basketball.”
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Community › Feedback on Communications
Creating a transparent and community-driven communications strategy.
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Data in the Field › Climate Science and the Command Line
Building Community › Discovering the data science community, becoming part of it, and expanding it
Instructor Training › Instructor Training for Librarians
Building Community › Building Genomics Data Analysis Capacity at NWU
Support › A Year in Review: Annual Moore Progress Report
Data in the Field › Hand-crafted relational databases for fun and science
Data in the Field › Making use of Data Skills
How our community uses data skills in their work
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Why we teach what we teach › The Python ecology lessons
Why we teach what we teach › The R ecology lessons
Curriculum › Collaborative Lesson Development for Semester-long Courses
Building on Data Carpentry's core strength of collaborative lesson development.
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Curriculum › Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks: Curriculum Development Hackathon
Apply to participate!
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Community › Forming a Community-Developed Code of Conduct: What we learned.
Instructors › Open Instructor Training
Thank you to all of our amazing applicants!
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Science of Learning › Belonging: Developing a Community of Practice among Data Carpentry Learners
When did you realize you belonged to the Carpentry community?
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Assessment › Analysis of Data Carpentry Workshop Impact
Data Carpentry workshops have made a meaningful impact on the way learners view their ability to complete computational tasks.
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Community › Community Call on Assessment
Discussion of our workshop survey results
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Science of Learning › I think I can - Self-Efficacy and the Carpentry Learner
Linking self-efficacy to learner success in carpentry workshops.
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Community › September Carpentries Community Call
Join the community call to connect with other instructors & get activity updates
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Science of Learning › Responding to your Learners
The importance of formative assessment
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Community › September Data Carpentry All-Stars!
Recognizing volunteers for their outstanding work in the community.
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Workshops › Resources for Running Workshops
Community › Code of Conduct and Call for Volunteers for Policy Subcommittee
The Carpentries seek your involvement in developing conduct-related policy.
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Staff › Announcing our new Deputy Director of Assessment
Dr. Kari L. Jordan joins Data Carpentry as the new Deputy Director of Assessment
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Community › Survey on workshops for for-profit organizations
Requesting community feedback on workshops for for-profit organizations
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Instructors › Reopening Instructor Training
Two open instructor training classes this fall
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Curriculum › A Roadmap for Lesson Development
Practices › How to approach selecting a license for data release
Suggstions and perspectives on how to select a license for your data publication
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Instructors › Instructor and trainee involvement
Analysis of checkout completion rates and time to first workshop for new instructors
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Instructors › R Instructor Training
Applications are now open for R instructor training
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Staff › Welcoming our new Associate Director
Dr. Erin Becker starts as the new Data Carpentry Associate Director
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Community › A Welcoming Community
We're committed to a friendly and respectful community for learning, teaching and contributing
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Partnerships › Announcing Partnerships
There are now opportunities to be partners with Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry
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Staff › Hiring a Deputy Director of Assessment
We're hiring a Deputy Director of Assessment to study the impact we are having
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Workshops › Hello, Spatio-temporal Data Carpentry
News from the pilot of the spatial data Data Carpentry workshop
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Instructors › Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training Comes to Africa
Instructor training event will take place in Potchefstroom, North-West Province, South Africa from 17 - 20 April 2016
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Workshops › Starting off Data Carpentry in 2016
Several workshops starting off Data Carpentry in 2016
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Curriculum › Data Carpentry to adopt Reproducible Research Curriculum
Curriculum added to Data Carpentry to further support training in reproducible research
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Staff › Hiring an Associate Director
We're hiring an Associate Director to lead community engagement and education efforts
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Workshops › Workshop in Brussels, 2-3 Nov 2015
At the beginning of November, Belgium held its first Data Carpentry workshop.
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Support › Collaboration with rOpenSci on training for working with open data
A grant to rOpenSci from Helmsley Charitable Trust supports a collaboration with Data Carpentry to develop training for the use and publication of open data.
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Instructors › Data Carpentry Instructor Certification
for Software Carpentry Instructors
Already a Software Carpentry instructor? Become a Data Carpentry instructor too!
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Workshops › Data Carpentry in Africa
First Data Carpentry workshop in Africa at the TDWG conference
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Support › Grant from the Moore Foundation
We are very pleased to announce that we've received a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
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Administration › Data Carpentry Workshop Fees
Workshop fees to increase for workshops scheduled after September 1, 2015 to help with organization sustainability
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Workshops › Data Carpentry Goes to the Netherlands
ELIXIR sponsored Data Carpentry workshop
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Lessons › Data Carpentry Genomics and Asssessment Hackathon
Announcing a Data Carpentry Genomics and Assessment Hackathon
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Lessons › Guiding Data Carpentry
Guidelines and directions for Data Carpentry
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Lessons › Moore Foundation contribution to Data Carpentry
Blog › Data Carpentry Blog
Announcing a Data Carpentry Blog
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