Each instructor is responsible for preparing to teach their section(s) of the workshop. Remember that our lessons are continuously evolving, so even if you have taught the content before, you will need to check the materials for changes.

Before the workshop:

  • Coordinate with the lead instructor to decide who is teaching what, and in which order
  • If your workshop is self-organized, and you are not a certified Data Carpentry instructor, meet with the lead instructor to be trained in Data Carpentry’s teaching practices
  • Test your installation instructions to make sure they work as expected
  • Read the lesson(s) you are going to teach in detail
  • If there is an instructor’s guide for your lesson, read it carefully
  • Do a dry-run of your entire lesson
  • Read through our troubleshooting document

At the workshop:

  • Remind your learners about the Code of Conduct
  • Remind learners to use their sticky notes to give feedback - see description of how these are used here
  • Get feedback with minute cards at lunch and end of each day - see description of minute cards here

After the workshop: