Data Carpentry workshops are taught by trained, peer, volunteer instructors. We work with the Software Carpentry Foundation to develop and deliver an Instructor Training program. This program teaches instructional pedagogy as well as the practicalities of teaching a Software or Data Carpentry workshop.

Instructors teach workshops in their local area or have the opportunity to travel to teach. We teach workshops around the world! Once you’re an instructor, we’ll match you with teaching opportunities that fit your schedule, travel interests and availability.

How to become an instructor

If you are already a Software Carpentry instructor or experienced educator, see information on the FastTrack program below.

The Software Carpentry Foundation runs the Instructor Training course for both Software and Data Carpentry.

There are two steps to becoming an instructor.

  1. Take a Software Carpentry Foundation instructor training course
    The training course runs over two full days and covers the basics of educational psychology, instructional design, and how to apply both to teaching Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry materials. For a preview of materials - see the instructor training course page.

  2. Complete the Data Carpentry specific checkout process
    You must complete three short tasks after the course in order to complete certification. These tasks are described in detail here and take a total of approximately 8-10 hours. Once you’ve read the detailed instructions, please use our simplified checklist to keep track of your progress.

Registration for the Fall 2016 training courses is now closed, but we are still accepting applications for subsequent courses. If you would like to apply, or are taking the course through one of our partner organizations and have been asked to provide information, please fill in this form.

Data Carpentry Instructors FastTrack Application

If you are interested in teaching people new to computation and data analysis, have the skills to teach introductory R, Python or SQL and demonstrated teaching experience as a Software Carpentry instructor or as an instructor in another capacity, we would love to have you as an instructor!

If you meet the requirements above, you can go through the FastTrack program rather than completing all of the normal requirements. Although the initial deadline was in November, we are still happily accepting FastTrack applicants.

We are interested in instructors from all domains of research, and are particularly working to grow our instructor pool in social sciences and digital humanities.