Instructor Discussion Sessions

Each week, volunteers host two instructor discussion sessions. The sessions provide a forum where experienced and novice instructors can discuss past and/or upcoming workshops. Instructors who have just taught, are about to teach, or have just completed instructor training will receive an email invitation to these meetings, but these sessions are open to anyone.

To find an upcoming session, visit this etherpad.

Mentoring Groups

Mentoring groups support instructors by matching them with a personal mentor. Mentors guide small groups of mentees through specific goals including preparing to teach a workshop, maintaining lessons, building local communities, and organizing workshops.

See this page for a full outline of the program.

Mentoring Subcommittee

Purpose and Scope

The Mentoring Subcommittee was established in 2015 to develop and maintain a mentorship program to support instructors as they progress through training, teaching, curriculum development, and other community-related activities. We help promote community-building and networking by providing (virtual) spaces where instructors from all over the world can share teaching success stories and discuss strategies for overcoming challenges. The Mentoring Subcommittee meets regularly to evaluate current activities, and propose new activities. Minutes of past meetings are available here.

All community members are welcome to attend mentoring subcommittee meetings. Similarly, we welcome anyone who is interested in joining and helping out!

To attend our next meeting, visit this etherpad.

Join Us!

Any Software or Data Carpentry community member is welcome to participate in the Mentoring Subcommittee activities and/or join the subcommittee itself! Some options for getting involved are given below.

I would like to:

  • join a small group to receive mentoring from experienced instructors or mentor new instructors
  • discuss workshop experiences with other instructors or ask questions of other instructors as I prepare to teach
    • Attend an instructor discussion session by signing up on this etherpad.
  • help lead discussion sessions among instructors
  • support current mentoring activities, initiate new ones, or join the mentoring subcommittee
    • Sign up for the mentoring subcommittee mailing list and attend the next mentoring subcommittee meeting (scheduled on this etherpad.

For a complete summary of mentoring subcommittee roles, see this page.