Our staff and leadership are committed to furthering Data Carpentry’s goals of developing and providing training to enable data-driven discovery. Our people plan, learn, adapt and engage with the community of learners, developers and volunteer instructors to meet these goals.


Executive Director
Tracy K. Teal, PhD

Associate Director
Erin Becker, PhD

Deputy Director of Assessment
Kari L. Jordan, PhD

Program Manager
Maneesha Sane

Community Development Lead
Belinda Weaver

Current Steering Committee Members

  • Karen Cranston, PhD, Principal Investigator, Open Tree of Life
  • Hilmar Lapp, Director of Informatics, Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology
  • Aleksandra Pawlik, PhD, Training Lead, Software Sustainability Institute
  • Karthik Ram, PhD, rOpenSci co-founder, Berkeley Institute for Data Science Fellow
  • Ethan White, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Florida

Past Steering Committee Members

  • Greg Wilson, PhD, Co-Founder and former Director of Training, Software Carpentry Foundation