Our staff and leadership are committed to furthering Data Carpentry's goals of developing and providing training to enable data-driven discovery. Our people plan, learn, adapt and engage with the community of learners, developers and volunteer instructors to meet these goals.


Executive Director

Tracy Teal is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Data Carpentry. As an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in bioinformatics, she saw that effective data skills have become foundational for research and that data training needs to scale along with data production. She is involved in the open source software and reproducible research communities, including as an Editor at the Journal for Open Source Software. Tracy tweets at @tracykteal. Email: tkteal@datacarpentry.org

Associate Director

Erin Becker studied microbial genomics at UC Davis where she also did a postdoc in Biology Education Research. She has experience developing and implementing practice-based instructional training programs as well as building community for supporting instructional innovation. Erin tweets at @ErinSBecker. Email: ebecker@datacarpentry.org

Deputy Director of Assessment

Kari Jordan holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and completed a PhD in Engineering Education at Ohio State University. Her research experience includes strategies for improving self-efficacy and sense of belonging in first-year engineering students and the implementation of evidence-based instructional practices among faculty in introductory STEM courses. In her free time, she teaches Zumba Fitness and volunteers with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Kari tweets at @DrKariLJordan.

Program Coordinator

Maneesha Sane has a background in education and nonprofit management. She has taught and managed school- and community-based educational programs for all ages in domains including cultural studies, literacy, and art. Maneesha is a self-taught programmer, skilled in Python, SQL, and VBA, among other technologies. She is the organizer of the Philadelphia Python Users Group and has taught several Python boot camps in Philadelphia. She is also the Program Coordinator for Software Carpentry. Maneesha tweets at @maneeshasane.

Community Development Lead

Belinda Weaver was formerly the eResearch Analyst Team Leader for the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, where she helped deliver cloud solutions to Australian researchers. She organised Library Carpentry global hackathons in 2016 and 2017, was a key organiser of the 2016 and 2017 Brisbane Research Bazaars, and helped inaugurate the weekly Hacky Hour research IT advice sessions at UQ. She is a certified Software and Data Carpentry instructor and instructor trainer and has taught at many workshops. Belinda tweets at @cloudaus. Email: bweaver@carpentries.org

Current Steering Committee Members

Karen Cranston is an evolutionary biologist at Duke where her research focuses on computational phylogenetics. She is the Principal Investigator of the Open Tree of Life project. Karen tweets at @kcranstn.

Hilmar Lapp is the Director of Informatics at the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology. His research interests are in reusable and interoperable software and data, large-scale data integration, and building open, sustainable eScience infrastructure. Hilmar is co-PI of the Phenoscape and PI of the Phyloreferencing project, both of which are NSF funded. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation, currently as its President. He tweets at @hlapp.

Aleksandra Pawlik works at the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure where she coordinates training for research communities. She has also served on the Software Carpentry Steering Committee. Aleksandra tweets at @aleksandrana.

Karthik Ram is the co-founder of rOpenSci and a data science fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) at UC Berkeley. He is also a research scientist at the Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology. Karthik is an active member in the open science and reproducible research community. He tweets at @_inundata and blogs at Inudata.

Ethan White is an Associate Professor at the University of Florida and a Moore Investigator in Data-Driven Discovery. He studies ecological systems using data-intensive approaches and is actively involved in open science and computational training. Ethan is a member of the Software Carpentry Advisory Council, the editorial board of PeerJ, and the board of directors of Impactstory. He tweets at @ethanwhite.

Past Steering Committee Members

Greg Wilson co-founded the Software Carpentry project in 1998 after receiving his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. He was previously the Executive Director and Director of Instructor Training for the Software Carpentry Foundation and now works at Data Camp. Greg tweets at @gvwilson.