Are you a Data Carpentry instructor interested in running a workshop for your group or organization? In hosted workshops, to ensure dependable pre and and post-workshop logistics and communication, the Data Carpentry staff handles all non-local logistics including registration, setting the curriculum, corresponding with participants, distributing surveys, and recruiting teachers. A self-organized workshop is a workshop for which there is a local organizer who is willing and able to carry out these and other workshop logistics so that support from Data Carpentry staff is not needed. Self-organized workshops must still be registered with Data Carpentry in advance.

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Want more details to help you plan your workshop? Check out these resources:

Keep in mind that the workshop organizer (whether that be the lead instructor or a non-instructor host) is ultimately reponsible for ensuring that all of the tasks detailed above are completed. If you are not able to handle the logistics for a workshop, or if you do not meet the self-organized workshop requirements, please request a workshop coordinated by Data Carpentry.

Self-organized workshop requirements

In order to ensure that self-organized workshops are consistent in quality and content with centrally organized workshops, and that we accurately track workshop statistics - how many times instructors have taught (get credit where credit is due!), where workshops are being held and the number of learners being taught - self-organized workshops must meet these criteria:

  • A self-organized workshop must be requested by a certified Data Carpentry instructor, who will serve as the lead instructor.
  • The lead instructor is responsible for the proper training and mentoring of co-instructors.
  • The lead instructor/host is responsible for the logistics of the workshop, including registration.
  • A self-organized workshop request must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the workshop.
  • The workshop fee is $500/workshop or $25/participant (whichever you prefer), or a fee waiver must be requested
  • The workshop curriculum must meet the requirements for a Data Carpentry workshop. Any planned curriculum components that are not currently among our official lessons must be submitted for review and approval at the time the workshop is requested.
  • The lead instructor/host is responsible for distributing surveys, and for fulfilling workshop reporting requirements to the Data Carpentry Program Coordinator at, including reporting the number of participants.

Fees for self-organized workshops

If your university or organization is a Partner of Data Carpentry or a current Partner or Affiliate of the Software Carpentry Foundation, self-organized workshops are free.

For non-affiliated organizations, the cost for self-organized workshops is either $500 (paid directly by the organization) or $25/participant (paid by the participant when registering). This fee helps cover the central costs that keep Data Carpentry running, including infrastructure, instructor training and continued lesson development. The flat fee can be paid directly using a credit card or can be invoiced. The per participant fee can be set up as part of the registration form.

If your organization or your learners cannot afford these fees, waivers are available to certified instructors. We never want a lack of funds to prevent researchers from learning these crucial skills and since our instructors volunteer their time we don’t want to get in their way when they want to teach. Please keep in mind, though, that the long-term sustainability of Data Carpentry depends on support from the learners and organizations that benefit from this training.

Waiver requests and fees are handled through the self-organized workshop request form.