Data Carpentry develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Our mission is to provide researchers high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. Data Carpentry is a sibling organization of Software Carpentry. Where Software Carpentry teaches best practices in software development, our focus is on the introductory computational skills needed for data management and analysis in all domains of research. Our lessons are domain specific, from life and physical sciences to social science and build on the existing knowledge of learners to enable them to quickly apply skills learned to their own research. Our initial target audience is learners who have little to no prior computational experience. We create a friendly environment for learning to empower researchers and enable data driven discovery.

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Upcoming Workshops

za North-West University Sep 26-29, 2016
it IFOM - Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare Sep 27-28, 2016
us The Jackson Laboratory Sep 29-30, 2016
ch University of Neuchâtel Oct 03-04, 2016
us University of Florida Informatics Institute Oct 17-18, 2016
gb Earlham Institute - Darwin Room Oct 18-19, 2016
ca Western University, PAB 150 Oct 22-23, 2016
gb EPCC - The University of Edinburgh Nov 02-03, 2016
gb Medical Sciences Teaching Centre Nov 23-25, 2016

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